Timely Topics and Innovative Programming

Here are just a few of the unique presentations and panel discussions we’re developing for the Medical Practice Rollups Conference:

  • Trends in medical practice rollups: A data-driven discussion of deals, dollars, and activity across specialties
  • How technology is fueling rollup activity in the healthcare sector
  • Historical review of acquisitions and how modern deal structures are different from the first wave of rollup strategies
  • Discussion of the use of management services organizations
  • Uncovering M&A opportunities in healthcare technology, clinical research organizations and other areas
  • Strategies for creating value through practice rollups
  • Real estate considerations in facilities acquisitions
  • How an economic recession might impact deal activity and deal structure
  • Independent physician associations (IPAs) and their role in industry consolidation
  • Why understanding reimbursement risk is critical for buyers
  • Due diligence strategies including A/R, compliance, and quality-of-earnings analysis
  • Valuation considerations: Pricing models based on earnings, revenues, and other metrics
  • Compliance, litigation and regulatory audits
  • Transaction structures and transferring risk in purchase agreements
  • Overview of leading M&A sectors and why these areas are of interest to private equity investors
  • Public relations and public perception: Mitigating negativity related to corporate or PE medical practice ownership
  • Discussion of legislative proposals that require PE funds to disclose information about investments in medical practices
  • Post-merger integration issues including technology and cybersecurity
  • Navigating corporate practice of medicine issues
  • What a change of control means for physicians and how physicians can maintain decision-making
  • Why it’s important for practice owners to conduct reverse due diligence on acquirers
  • Acquisitions of individual practices vs. acquisitions of platform practices
  • Why healthcare rollups thrive or fail based on technology integration and business management
  • How the FTC’s and DOJ’s proposed guidelines on vertical mergers will impact rollup activity
  • Increasing scrutiny under the False Claims Act against PE firms investing in healthcare
  • Unique challenges faced by healthcare lenders and private credit restructuring tactics
  • How to ensure philosophical and strategic alignment amongst buyers and sellers
  • How quality of care may be impacted by PE and corporate ownership
  • Hospital/Physician transactions: Prevailing models including practice acquisitions and professional services agreements

The Medical Practice Rollups Conference program is currently in development. Please complete this form and you will be contacted once the agenda is posted.

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